Saturday, June 27, 2015

Presidential Candidates Adapt to Supreme Court Ruling


Rumor has it that Republican Presidential contender, Lindsey Graham, has married Caitlyn Jenner. In addition to the fact that the Court ruling has allowed his love to win, Graham realizes that these nuptials will greatly increase his 'Hip-Cool Factor' among Millennials as well as allow him to have a steady First Lady in the White House during his Presidency. It is also a signal that President Graham is not afraid to make bold moves.

Not to be upstaged, Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton announced that she and Bill have also married Ms. Jenner. Hillary realizes that this will give her blindly loyal supporters something to answer when asked to name a Hillary accomplishment.

And Ms. Caitlyn Graham-Rodham-Clinton-Jenner is again being praised for pushing the envelope of human freedom, rights, and equality into frontiers where no man has gone before. We distinctly smell a Nobel Peace Prize in her near future.

Rachel Dolezal could not be reached for comment.


Love Wins!


One of the recent Supreme Court decisions has made it clear that...



Thursday, June 25, 2015

Confederate Flag History


Basic point to understand in the creation of the battle flag...


Monday, June 22, 2015

The Controversial South Carolina Flag Has Nothing on Wisconsin's


Now that we have thoroughly humiliated South Carolina for daring to display a historical flag because of the evil actions of one man, we can move on to begin the guilt-tripping of the next target. We are a liberal, enlightened society and our deep psychological, politically correct insights into the souls of men must progress.

The next evil windmill against which we joust is the state seal on the flag of Wisconsin. At first look you see two men, a sailor and a miner, bookending a plow, pick and shovel, arm and hammer, and an anchor. Just below lies a cornucopia and stack of lead bars above 13 stars. Above is a badger and the motto, Forward.

Harmless historical symbols, right? WRONG!!

Here's what a deeper examination yields:

- The two persons pictured are both Straight, White, Christian MEN. One depicts a miner, rapist of Mother Earth. The other is a sailor holding a rope... and you minorities know what that means. These actually symbolize White privilege and rape culture.

- The plow and hammer/shovel also symbolize the willful destruction of the planet.  The lead bars prove that Wisconsin wants to kill children, women, and minorities with lead based paint and leaded gasoline.

- The arm and hammer symbolize corporate greed and heavy-handed abuse of workers.

- The cornucopia, horn of plenty, doubles up on the corporate greed theme as well as honoring the rich that earn their wealth by robbing the poor.

- The motto of Forward coupled with the U.S. coat of arms in the center shows that Wisconsin approves of American imperialism.

This has been only a quick perusal of what the symbols mean. Further examination will surely yield much, much more.

It is a well known fact that these symbols inspired the actions of the infamous Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer. I propose that the Wisconsin legislature heed the call and denounce this embarrassing state seal as an official symbol of Wisconsin.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Social Consciousness Strikes in the Personal Hygiene Aisle


I went to the store last night to pick up a few things while hoping that a picture of me wouldn't end up on 'The People of Walmart.' I sauntered through the personal hygiene aisle to pick out a deodorant. Stick? Spray? Roll-on? Did I want to smell like a tropical rain forest, petunias, an ocean breeze, or a well used jock strap? Did I want to attract women, men, or transgenders? So many choices. My nimble mind flashed to Bernie Sanders and the connection between deodorants and starving children. I began to laugh... but, then, I saw them. Two young children were staggering down the aisle. They were obviously starving, with slack-jawed, zombie-like appearance as their glassy eyes stared at their smart phones.

I screamed at them to get offa my lawn, bought a twin pack of Old Spice High Endurance (jock scent) and finished my shopping.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Marco Rubio Exposed!


The persona put forth by Republican Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio is an attempt to conceal the real demon that lurks within. In truth, the evil Rubio has had 4 traffic tickets within the past 18 years, has a mortgage on his house, is paying off student loans, and owns a boat. How can this guy not be in prison? (We thank the New York Times for exposing him.)

Here is a photo of Rubio flaunting his wealth and endangering innocent citizens, especially women and children.


Thursday, June 04, 2015

Suggested Change to American Currency


A new grossroot campaign is proposing a small change in United States' currency...

"We believe this simple, symbolic and long-overdue change could be an important stepping stone for other initiatives promoting transgender equality."


Thursday, May 28, 2015

President Bernie Sanders Will Save the Children


"You don't necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants or of 18 different pairs of sneakers when children are hungry in this country."

Under my administration you will be issued one unit of deodorant per year.